This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

This adventure is intended for about 3 beginning adventurers. If you wish, you may enter with more or less then 3. Your group may enter if their average combat total (I'll explain within a minute how to calculate that) is less than 80. Your group can enter this adventure only if you have purchased a legal copy of the Tunnels and Trolls rules. The rules are not explained again in this adventure.

In this adventure your group will stay at Castle Calahony, at the edge of the Barony Brunzwk and the Mourning Mountains.

Both fighters, wizards, warrior wizards and rogues may enter. However, Knight Soren, the knight of Castle Calahony, only provides hospitality if you have not been expelled from the castle before, and if you do not worship the snake god Sniff. Further, only humanoids (humans, dwarves, goblins, elves, hobbits, fairies, orcs, leprechauns, etc) may lodge at the castle. Dragons, Trolls and such are not permitted at the castle and thus not in this adventure.

You may have noticed that this adventure is not an ordinary dungeon. Care is taken to create a world which looks and feels real. Nearly every non-playing character has a reason for walking around in this adventure. (Not that their motives will always be clear to you...) If you are not in for this type of adventure, feel free to leave this adventure and play somewhere else.

How to calculate your average combat total:

Total the combat adds of all characters in your group. Put them up in fighting order, with their favorite weapon in hand. Roll the dice. All 1, 2 or 3 are rounded to 3. All 4, 5 and 6 are rounded to 4. Calculate your combat total. This is your average combat total. As told above, The Murren Moors has been designed for groups with an average combat total of about 80. If you enter with less, you will probably die. If you  enter with a stronger group, the task will be easier but less fun.

This adventure uses a limited number of opponents, which you can roll up on the Opponents chart. You will have to read the House Rules before proceeding.

First Arrive at the castle. If you already arrived at the Calahony, go to Start.

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The old dwarf mine is a mine with some nasty goblins which are a danger to the local population.

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You can send one first level character who has no magic to Buffalo Castle .

English is not my native tongue. I know this can be noticed at several paragraphs of this adventure. I welcome improvements by mail.


This adventure is copyrighted by Heinomynous, 1998. The rules to Tunnels and Trolls are copyrighted by Flying Buffalo Inc.. Latest update: 13-10-1999, Maze2.

Please note that the artwork in this series comes from:

The beautiful backgrounds that you will meet in this adventure are all made by Alfred L. Jones. They are copyrighted and used here by permission. I strongly encourage you to admire his other work.

Most drawings have been converted to backgrounds by :

adventurers have wandered along.