This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.


You are allowed to use combat magic in all combats. Other spells can only be used if a spell is mentioned in the paragraph.

Preferably, use the new Power attribute instead of strength. basically, this is a new attribute. Roll 3d for it when creating a new character. magic users use the Power attribute when casting magic instead of the strength attribute.

Skill points

Skill points indicate the skill your character has acquired in certain skills. Skills include weapon handling, but may also reflect skills in for instance forgery or smithscraft.

You may acquire skillpoints for a weapon type (for example broadaxe, short sword, short sabre) in combat. If you have been in combat with someone, you earn skill points for that weapon equal to the adventure points.

Skill points also entitle you to a skill bonus when wielding a weapon again:

and so on.

Skill points can not be transferred from weapon type to weapon type. Skill points for a dirk in hand to hand combat can not be used for dirk-throwing. Skill points for axe fighting can not be used for the short sword. Between weapons of the same type you may switch, for example from short sabre to broadsword, but only half the skill points are used as a base. From there on, keep separate track of your skill points.

Besides skill points gained by experience, you may also gain skill points by training. In castle Calahony captain Just offers training in the basic skills of fighting with the short sabre, the dirk, the defence with the round shield, and the sling.

Skill points were first introduced in John Harringtons zine TAKE THAT YOU FIEND.