This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

Start Calahony

This adventure is situated in Castle Calahony. The King has entrusted the responsibility for this border castle to Knight Soren, who in his younger years has distinguished himself in many campaigns.

The castle is situated on the edge of the wild. The Mourning River is the border between the kingdom and the Mourning Mountains, home of the wild Mountain Orcs. These orcs often raid into the kingdom, and it is the responsibility of Knight Soren and his fellow guardians to garantee the safety of the border. Due to many raids the peasants are impovering, and the King is far away.

Knight Soren can no longer pay the tenths of soldiers of before. Instead, he now provides free hospitality to adventurers. In return for food and shelter, you have to assist Soren in keeping the country safe.

There are a number of threats:

The castle rules state: After each day you will come back here. Please You may now leave or go to the Start.