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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

Amnihur sings an old song about the history of the Murren Moors.

The Murren Moors

happy but poor was the life of peasants
in the days of Knight Kralous, who held this fief
peat diggers dug their peat, and shepherds
tended their flocks on the heath

Mr Murrens hart was black and dark
necromancy he brought into the land
foul creatures followed in his steps
and shadows came where he went

Secret spells and scrolls he gathered
the mountain orcs for him built a tower
travellers found a certain death in his lands
their dying added to his treasure and his power

Long Murren lived in these moors
it turned into mud and fog and cold
'till master Bramble came, with wife and kidds
never had been a Leprechaun so bold

'cause many magical trap they both set
never direct though, none the other could slay
all efforts went on in vain for years
as seasons came and went away

Around Murrens tower many willows growed
one night Bramble came up, all alone.
He blessed them, made them grow
Their roots made the tower crash, and
Murren was killed by his own tower of stone.

When he has finished, you ask if this was long ago.
Amnihur shakes his head:
"No, not centuries. This song is still young, only some decades. I have known Old Bramble. He disappeared a few years before the trouble in the Murren Moors started." You go to sleep and start the next day fresh.