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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

Amnihur sings an old song about the fall of the once mighty elven kingdoms, in the time when they were still happy mountains.

Fall of the elven kingdoms

Great was Alfendils might in weapons and in song
As a king he throned on seats of jewels bright
But with power hidden pride came sneaking along
Master Turanfing song a song of hidden pride

at which king Alfendil sneered and sent Turanfing away
Councellor Firensing spoke with a high priest of Sniff
they traded in secret, their alliance was hidden, they say
a bondage for Alfendil, in which he was knit

a host of orcs assailed a sudden the gates
while king and councelers spoke of truce and treason
the soldiers stood and died in place
finally triumph of council and reason

Turanfing sought shelter in the dwarven caves
where King Khazad received him with joy
Together they thought to stem the tide of orcish waves
But dwarven strongholds proved to be a coy

Destroyed were Tarndoms blisfull magic fountains
its crystal and temples, towering high
its marble towers leveled, though they touched the sky
No longer did the elves rule the rejoycefull mountains.

the orcs sought to turn both elves and dwarves into their slaves
the viper gods sent forth their creeping snakes
but the dwarves retreated in their deepest caves
where Turanfing over the dwarven wakes

At the edge of the rejoycfull mountains
Alfendil stood still, and built towers anew
this time without beauty, no gems, no fountains
just a harsh wind from the now mourning mountains blew.

When he has finished, go to sleep and start the next day fresh.