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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

You quickly become friends with captain Just, chief of the castle guards.

He bores you with a joke:

A  really massive half-orc walks into a salloon and orders a beer. He drinks up his beer and leaves. Seconds later he runs back into the salloon, his giant club ready to swing:. 'ALL RIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU STOLE MAH HOSS?' No answer. 'ALL RIGHT, AH'M GONNA HAVE MYSELF ANOTHA BEER, AND IF MAH HOSS AIN'T BACK OUTSIDE BY THE TIME AH'M FINISHED, AH'M GONNA DO WHAT AH DONE BACK HOME!'

He drinks up his beer and leaves and his horse is back outside. He gets on the horse and is just about to leave when the bartender goes, 'Say, pardner, what didja do back home?' and the half-orc goes, 'I had to bloody walk home.'

Bored, go to bed.