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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

You tell Amnihur how you how you met some men built of mud in the moors. You narate accurately your encounter, and that a wizard called S'arbocRetsam is living in the centre of the moors.

You also tell him that the mudmen would make good allies potentially.

Amnihur nodds:

"This gives rise to much thought. Changing an elventribe into these poor creatures must have taken great power. The situation is perhaps graver than we thought. A great power must have been at work in the moors, and perhaps still is. I doubt that I alone have the power to expell it. We must wait untill we have gained more strength, or know more."

He rewards you with a vial of potion. It will heal 5 con points per application. Its contents are sufficient for 8 applications.
In addition, each warrior and rogue has his sword enchanted. Amnihur stores a 'Whammy' spell in it, which will triple the die roll of this sword. This lasts for 1 game turn = 5 combat rounds. This Whammy does not take effect immediatly. It is activated by a Word of Power which you may choose. Shouting this

Now go to sleep and start the next day fresh.