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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

You tell Amnihur about the Goblin Village you discovered in the Moors.

The first group of adventurers reporting this to Amnihur may take 100 Aps per person.

Amnihur calls in Soren. They have you repeat your narrative, and discuiss options:

'It's clear that greater evils bring in lesser evils' Amnihur says.

Soren thinks: 'This lesser evil can be put out before before it grows. We'll just assemble and call in my friend Brk. Together we'll burn this village!'

Amnihur asks: 'And burn their kids too? Those kids cann't help it. Be serious, I know you better than that.'

'We'd have to give them fair warning' agrees Soren.

In the end they challenge you with the  burden to clear the moors of these goblins. How, that's an adventure not yet written.

The leader of your group is rewarded with a horn. When you blow upon it, your enemies must make a L1-SR on con. Any one who fails, runs away in panic. All members of the group receive a vial with potion. Each vial contains sufficient for 1 application. A drink will raise your IQ permanently with 1d6. You can have only one application per person. A second dose is deadly.
Also, Amnihur makes every fighter and rogue an offer. In exchange for 1 strength point (permanently) he will enchant your sword. The sword will have its die roll doubled, permanently. If you wish to have this enchantment, choose your sword (no other weapon allowed), and write that it is doubled. It is still open for additional effects as Vorpal Blade and Whammy. Subtract one from your strength permanently.

Now go to sleep and start the next day fresh.