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This is a Tunnels and Trolls adventure in the Castle Calahony series.

Who is a monster?

Please note that you have been on paragraph 7C. You will need this later.

These creatures look horrible. Built of black mud, rotten leaves and branches, you can distinguish insects are slimy creatures writhing all over their bodies. Still they somehow live.

If you want to do a detect magic, try so.

They are somehow impressed by your rown monstruosity, and seem to accept you as a friend.

They rtell you that they once were  group of elves, travelling westwards, fleeing from the mountain orcs, when they heard about these moors, and the evil that crept within. They decided to drive out the evil, but failed miserably. Some power greater than theirs changed them into these living nightmare. They settled in these moors, and hope that someday they can assist in driving out the wizard living in the tower in the centre of the moors, a guy called S'arbocFoEthRstam.

You may continue, or retrace you steps.